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Variables Description

The variables file is grouped into several sections as described below.

General Vars

Variable Details
PROJECT_ROOT The full path to the project root location in your host.
PROJECT_DOCROOT The path to the docroot within your project root (e.g. web or docroot).
PROJECT_NAME The name of the project. Used to prefix the containers names.
PORT_PREFIX 3 digits prefix for the ports used to expose the different services.
VIRTUAL_HOST Base domain name to use if proxy is being used
OTHER_VIRTUAL_HOSTS Additional domain names to use for nginx service (Optional). Format: OTHER_VIRTUAL_HOSTS="`domainname.tld`,`otherdomain.tld`"

Nginx container

Variable Details
NGINX_TAG Image tag for the nginx service. Used image is official nginx image.

PHP Container

Variable Details
PHP_TAG Image tag for the php service. Used image is chirripo/php.
PHP_POST_MAX_SIZE Post max size setting in php container.
PHP_UPLOAD_MAX_FILESIZE Upload max filesize setting in the php container.
XDEBUG_ENABLE Enable or disable Xdebug. Use string "enable" to enable it. Anything else to disable it.

DB Container

Variable Details
DB_TAG Image tag for the db service. Used image is official mariadb image.
MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD Password for db root user.
MYSQL_DATABASE Database to create.
MYSQL_USER User with privileges in given database.
MYSQL_PASSWORD Password for given user.

CLI Container

Variable Details
CLI_TAG Image tag for the cli service. Used image is chirripo/cli.

Varnish Container

Variable Details
VARNISH_ENABLE Set to 1 if you want varnish enabled. 0 otherwise.
VARNISH_TAG Image tag for the varnish service. Used image is thiagofigueiro/varnish-alpine-docker.

Mailhog Container

Variable Details
MAILHOG_ENABLE Set to 1 if you want mailhog enabled. 0 otherwise.
MAILHOG_TAG Image tag for the mailhog service. Used image is mailhog/mailhog.

Solr Container

Variable Details
SOLR_ENABLE Set to 1 if you want solr enabled. 0 otherwise.
SOLR_TAG Image tag for the solr service. Used image is official solr image.

Memcached Container

Variable Details
MEMCACHE_ENABLE Set to 1 if you want memcached enabled. 0 otherwise.
MEMCACHE_TAG Image tag for the memcached service. Used image is official memcached image.

Selenium Container

Variable Details
SELENIUM_ENABLE Set to 1 if you want selenium enabled. 0 otherwise.
SELENIUM_TAG Image tag for the selenium service. Used image is selenium/standalone-chrome-debug.

Blackfire Container

Variable Details
BLACKFIRE_ENABLE Set to 1 if you want blackfire enabled. 0 otherwise.
BLACKFIRE_TAG Image tag for the blackfire service. Used image is blackfire/blackfire.
BLACKFIRE_SERVER_ID Blackfire server id from your Blackfire account.
BLACKFIRE_SERVER_TOKEN Blackfire server token from your Blackfire account.