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To run Chirripo you need:

Install package

Install as with any other composer package:

composer require --dev chirripo/chirripo

Copy example variables file

Copy example variables file from vendor/chirripo/chirripo/env.example to .env:

cp vendor/chirripo/chirripo/env.example .env

Edit variables as needed

Open .env file and change variables as needed. See Variables description to understand all existing variables.

Start containers

Start the containers by running:

./vendor/bin/chirripo start

You are now ready to use Chirripo! Read the documentation about available commands

Chirripo Launcher

See launcher docs at Chirripo Launcher

Chirripo Proxy

See proxy docs at Chirripo Proxy

Advanced usage

You can override even more stuff in your containers setup by creating a docker-compose.override.yml file in the root of your project to override any stuff in the provided docker-compose files. More documentation on overrides can be found in official docker compose documentation.