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Getting Started

This page intends to be a quick-start guide for Chirripo.

In order to start using it, the first step is to add the package to your project:

composer require --dev chirripo/chirripo

Then, you need to copy and edit the variables file:

cp vendor/chirripo/chirripo/env.example .env

Edit the file according to your needs. Please remember to change at least the following variables:

  • PROJECT_NAME: so that it doesn't conflict with any other project using Chirripo
  • PROJECT_ROOT: so that the mount volumes to the container work as expected
  • PROJECT_DOCROOT: actual docroot within your project (e.g. web or docroot)
  • PORT_PREFIX: there should be a different PORT_PREFIX for any project using Chirripo

Then, you can start the containers:

./vendor/bin/chirripo start

And finally enjoy your development environment!

Please refer to the Commands documentation to know about all the available commands.