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Chirripo Docs

This is the official documentation for Chirripo.

What is Chirripo?

Chirripo is the name of the tallest mountain in Costa Rica and it's also the name of this cool tool that we have created to simplify your Docker environment setup.

Why to use Chirripo?

Chirripo makes it possible to add a cool setup of Docker containers to any existing php application by simply adding a composer package.

How to use Chirripo?

To use Chirripo, you need to add the composer package to any existing project, copy the environment variables file and then start using it. More information on Getting Started page.


Only requirements are:

  • Composer managed project
  • Docker
  • Docker Compose

Existing commands

Look at the existing commands in the Commands page.

Chirripo Launcher

See launcher docs at Chirripo Launcher

Chirripo Proxy

See proxy docs at Chirripo Proxy


Read How-to documentation in the How-to page.

Updating Chirripo

Updating Chirripo is as simple as updating any other composer package. Then, you could update your environment variables if new variables were added.


You are welcomed to contribute to Chirripo. To do so, check current issues or create new issues. More information at Contributing